Welcome back to our MOJO Honours List coverage. We’ve already presented a select smattering of front-of-house highlights; now we take you where only privileged eyes dared wander. It is the realm where Noel Gallagher feels 20 years younger, The Doors feel “erect”, Alice Cooper threatens a food fight and Sharon Osbourne appears to have had a whiff of the barmaid’s apron...

And then, click the MORE button for something even better: a sequestered conflab between Iggy Pop and Alice Cooper for the exclusive edification of MOJO. Drugs, money and rocking on feature in these words from the rock’n’roll wise...

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London soul diva Amy Winehouse managed to be a whole hour late to Monday’s MOJO Honours List Ceremony. Since she only lives in Camden, this was a real feat. Still she’s a diva and you’re not, and she made up for her tardiness in spades by tottering around with her beehive a-swaying, introducing her new husband – slender fellow dressed in singlet, trilby and tattoos – to anyone and everyone. Top incident: Amy photographed tucking Ozzy Osbourne’s shirt in... and appearing to have a good rummage in the process. See that in next month's MOJO, and enjoy a classic case of Awardus Interruptus in the above clip.

Click MORE button for Ozzy’s own speech (it’s a bit touching) and Harry Enfield’s introduction to Best Album winners The Good, The Bad & The Queen (it’s rather amusing).

The Move/Wizzard’s immortal Roy Wood salutes “a great Brummie”, Ozzy Osbourne.

Comic Harry Enfield introduces The Good, The Bad & The Queen, slanders Glen Matlock and looks askance at an unexpectedly loquacious speech by Afrobeat legend Tony Allen. (NB. “Ted Cummings” is Harry’s childhood pal and longtime Head Of Press at Island/Universal records in the UK.)

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Here’s the Arcade Fire receiving their Best Live Act award at the MOJO Honours List ceremony that took place on Monday night. Click the MORE button below to see The Only Ones, Joe Boyd and Seasick Steve similarly honoured. And return later for more speeches and interviews.

Legendary producer-fixer-raconteur Joe Boyd popped by to pick up an honour. He produced Nick Drake, Pink Floyd and R.E.M. and did the sound at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival, thereby midwifing the electric Dylan. Makes our CVs look a bit rubbish.

67-year-old Seasick Steve, the downhome bluesman with the two-stringed guitar bagged the gong usually reserved for the young whippersnappers, Breakthrough Act. Proof that, as far as MOJO is concerned, you're only as old as the woman you feel.

Peter Perrett is alive! And yet there was aura of the otherworldly about the Only Ones guitarist-singer as he mounted the stage to help receive his band’s MOJO Cult Hero award. Check it out...

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Neworder The failure of New Order guitarist/singer Bernard Sumner to co-collect Joy Division’s Outstanding Contribution To Music award caused raised eyebrows amongst revellers at yesterday’s MOJO Honours List ceremony. Joy Division/New Order stalwarts Peter Hook and Stephen Morris were present and MOJO asked them about rumours that the band had split.

Read their vigorous responses by clicking the MORE button...

Have New Order split up?
Peter Hook: "As far as I'm concerned they have. What about you, Stephen?"
Stephen Morris: "It's complicated. Like a puzzle. A Rubik's cube..."

So it's not definitely over?

PH: "Yes. Definitely. Well, I'm not playing any more."

But you all went to Cannes together for the premiere of Control last month...

PH: "Yeah, and Bernard didn't fucking speak to me the whole time I was there."

So that seems to have cleared that one up, then. For more on Control, click here.

And for Joy Division at their peak, filmed for Something Else in 1979, see below. Absolutely no excuses for the familiarity – and wondrousness – of the footage.

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Amycrop It was triple rehabs all round this morning for Amy Winehouse and the myriad other stars in attendance at last night’s Mojo Honours List ceremony. It was all so different last night, as MOJO did the “we're not worthy” gesture to a veritable parade of our heroes. In return, they graced us with their presence, exhausted our drinks cabinet, waxed lyrical about each other and generally abided in a delightful kind of way. Visit here during today and through tomorrow when pix, gossip and winners will be on show, and click the MORE button right now for the first stirrings of excitement from the red carpet arrivals.

6.05pm: Björk arrives! That’s dressed down by her standard.
6.25pm: Mr and Mrs Osbourne. But, foolishly, no belt.
6.45pm: Iggy peruses the menu, among other things.
Noel Gallagher
“And this is for fooking Sigue Sigue Sputnik!” Noel Gallagher accosts Tony James. Mick Jones referees.
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Check out the pictures from yesterday’s MOJO Honours List Launch and read on for a rundown of the cool runnings and hot gossip from the evening session, starring Rufus Wainwright, The 1990s, Findlay Brown, Field Music and an errant bear!

“I’ve been attacked by a bear!” wailed Rufus Wainwright. “I suppose that’s every young Canadian man’s fantasy!”

The flighty-voiced bard of the international demi-monde couldn’t resist a camp outburst as his sequined scarf – to which the cuddly, ursine offender was attached – fell once more onto his piano keys. Yet a trouper like Wainwright can be trusted to put such interruptions behind him, and he was quickly in his stride, interspersing tunes from his new album, Release The Stars, with the familiar “An Audience With”-style quips. Those hoping for encores, however, were disappointed – he was off at 6.40pm sharp to check out the last night of Brecht & Weill’s ballet The Seven Deadly Sins at the Royal Opera House, with vocal contributions from his sister Martha.

No such swish destinations for Glasgow’s 1990s, whose angular, neo-Noo York punk probings were followed by an assignation with MOJO at the pub after. Nice fellows they are, even if drummer Michael McGaughrin appeared to be encouraging theft (though not of 1990s albums) from HMV’s unguarded shelves. There was even talk of opening a market stall and selling off the gleanings.

Perhaps they could hire Findlay Brown, the surprisingly tall nu-folkster whose shady past involved prizefighting and pawning his mum’s rings. He brought a full band and purveyed excitable hippie rock versions of songs from his excellent Separated By The Sea album. Brown’s percussionist rocked a “t-shirt and tie combination” straight out of an Arctic Monkeys lyric but made up for that faux-pas with sterling, preposterously loud work on an egg-shaker. “It’s a dinosaur egg,” deadpanned the be-espadrilled Brown, “containing the sands of time.”

Which leaves us with Field Music, who astounded – as ever – with their ability to do such clever things with so few components. Particularly fine versions of Working To Work and A House Is Not A Home were timely reminders of the beauty and invention of their latest album, Tones Of Tone. “Don’t split up!” begged a voice from the audience, and the brothers Brewis later revealed that it’s in fact their intention to cease trading as a touring “indie rock band” and just make records in Sunderland. Good luck to them, especially with the Sunderland bit.

Overall, it was testament to the commitment, conviction and (perhaps) bloody-mindedness of Wednesday evening’s acts that they all managed to play as if headlining a gloomy club of their own choosing and not a brightly-lit record shop to a combination of best mates, curiosity seekers and frankly baffled shoppers wondering why they couldn’t get to Rock & Pop Q-R (bad luck Quintessence fan!). Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen.

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Winehouse_crop Amy Winehouse tops a week in which she’s enjoyed the patronage of Prince with three nominations in the votable categories of this year’s MOJO Honours List. The shortlist, derived from votes by MOJO magazine readers and users of this here web site, also stars the, er, stellar likes of Bob Dylan, The Arctic Monkeys, The Who, Midlake, Grinderman, The Good, The Bad & The Queen and Arcade Fire. Click below for details…

See below for all the nominations in all the votable categories, and nod your head approvingly when MOJO’s editor-in-chief Phil Alexander states: “This year the nominees really do reflect the very best in modern music. Previous awards bashes have seen everyone from James Brown to the Jesus And Mary Chain recognised, and, trust me, this year’s line-up will be equally varied, iconic and inspired. More than anything, The MOJO Honours List 2007 will underline just how much music actually matters in 2007.”

And come back later for news and gossip from the launch shows...

1. The MOJO Song Of The Year [supported by BBC 6 Music]

Phil Alexander: “Whether it's to do with the advent of downloading or not, the last 12 months have marked the rebirth of the song. This category reflects as much, with five diverse tracks that have provided us with a genuine soundtrack to what's going on - culturally, emotionally and, of course, musically.”

* Amy Winehouse – Rehab
* Arctic Monkeys – Brianstorm
* The Gossip – Standing In The Way Of Control
* Guillemots – Made Up Love Song No 43
* The View – Same Jeans

2. The MOJO Best Album [sponsored by Ford Transit]

Phil Alexander: “From hearing the demos of Amy Winehouse's Back To Black album to listening to rough mixes of Grinderman's debut and on to a sneak preview of Dylan's latest offering, the MOJO team has enjoyed celebrating a remarkable 12 months in music. The nominees for the Best Album category prove as much once again, both in terms of diversity as well as depth.”

* Amy Winehouse – Back To Black
* Bob Dylan – Modern Times
* The Good The Bad And The Queen – The Good The Bad And The Queen
* Grinderman – Grinderman
* Midlake – The Trials Of Van Occupanther

3. The MOJO Compilation Of The Year

Phil Alexander: “At a time of endless home-made playlists, it may seem a little perverse for MOJO to add a category that celebrates compilations, but in an age where everything is available all the time, these nominees prove that for real music fans the importance of quality compilations has increased. In fact, this category celebrates the bespoke filtering that's provided by a collection when it's lovingly compiled”

* Change Is Gonna Come: The Voice Of Black America 1963-1973 (Ace)
* Jonny Greenwood Is The Controller (Trojan)
* Rough Trade Shops: Counterculture 1976 (V2)
* Soul Gospel Volume 2 (Soul Jazz)
* White Bicycles: Making Music In The 1960s - The Joe Boyd Story (Fledgling)

4. The MOJO Best Live Act [supported by MOJO Radio]

Phil Alexander: “From bespoke festivals like All Tomorrow's Parties to club shows and on to enormodomes, the live scene right now is remarkably vibrant, reflecting just how excited people are about music as a whole. The nominees in this category illustrate the fact that it doesn't matter whether you've been around for four years or 40 years. The criterion is still the same: can you still cut it?”

* Amy Winehouse
* Arcade Fire
* Arctic Monkeys
* The Stooges
* The Who

5. The MOJO Breakthrough Act

Phil Alexander: “MOJO has always been proud to champion new music, and this year it’s been a vintage year for that. This category features just a few of the artists that we've supported over the last 12 months and whose music has fired up the imagination of the magazine's readers.”

* The Hold Steady
* Joanna Newsom
* Midlake
* Seasick Steve
* The View

6. The MOJO Catalogue Release of the Year [Sponsored by HMV]

Phil Alexander: “As ever this category celebrates the creativity involved in repacking classic material and introducing it to both new and established audiences. From the vault-raiding of the compilers, through to the loving attention of the designers and sleevenote writers, all five of these nominees are examples of just how to give hardcore music fans packages which they can genuinely luxuriate and immerse themselves in.”

* Gram Parsons – The Complete Reprise Sessions (Reprise/Rhino)
* Fairport Convention – Live At The BBC (Universal Island)
* Various – Forever Changing: The Golden Age Of Elektra Records 1963-1973 (Rhino)
* Johnny Cash – At San Quentin 1969 (Sony BMG)
* Karen Dalton – In My Own Time (Light In The Attic)
* Various – The Complete Motown Singles Vol 6. 1966 (Universal)

7. The MOJO Vision Award

Phil Alexander: “From the resurrection of a ’70s cult classic, to remarkably incisive, heartfelt documentaries, and on to inspired animation and live performances, this category reflects the manner in which DVD provides a further insight into the music itself. Put simply, all six of the nominees possess a must-have quality as far as fans are concerned.”

* Nirvana – Live! Tonight! Sold Out! (Universal)
* Slade – Slade In Flame (Union Square Music)
* Ronnie Lane – The Passing Show The Life And Music of Ronnie Lane (Eagle Vision)
* Gorillaz – Phase Two: Slowboat To Hades (Parlophone)
* T.Rex – T.Rex On TV (Demon Vision)
* Townes Van Zandt – Be Here To Love Me (Snapper)

The MOJO Honours List ceremony will take place on June 18 at The Brewery, Chiswell Street, London, EC1 and will also include a number of merit awards bestowed by the magazine team, including The MOJO Hall Of Fame Award, The MOJO Les Paul Award, The MOJO Icon, The MOJO Lifetime Achievement Award, The MOJO Medal Award and The MOJO Maverick Award among others.

Say hello to our sponsors...

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Gmancrop1_2 The roof was well and truly torn off HMV’s flagship store this lunchtime, as some of our favourite bands helped us celebrate the launch of the Mojo Honours List 2007. The Draytones and Noisettes whipped a game crowd into a pre-coital frenzy, only for the unholy alliance that is Grinderman to rumble like a burst of lascivious thunder.

Click on the MORE button for reports...

The Draytones drove overnight from their show in Glasgow and arrived on Oxford Street at 7am. “We had a spot of breakfast and then we saw a bus with 28 Days Later advert on the side. That's what it felt like being here,” laughed bassist Chris Le Good. “We did have a good sleep in the van at the bottom of Berwick Street, mind you.” Their startling brand of rough-edged Cavern Club beat pop appeared none the worse for it.

“I hated that! Every minute of it!” said Noisettes singer Shingai Shoniwa, following a protracted battling technical gremlins. Then on being told that people thought that her throwing the bass around in digust was part of the act she said, “I really must do that more often then!” Indeed, their blend of hi-octane vocal histrionics and explosive, hard rock power-trio action won them more friends than enemies. “I think we'll be one of those bands that people like when we're dead!” she added during an interview with MOJO Radio. “So please listen to our records now! Then you might like us while we're still alive!”

Grinderman had their own nomination to celebrate, and did so with gusto, turning in performances of Honey Bee (Let’s Fly To Mars), Depth Charge Ethel, Grinderman, When My Love Comes Down, No Pussy Blues and Lovebomb that transcended their location. “Getting other people to contribute the songs seems to have made them care about them more,” Cave told MOJO – to his longtime colleagues’ consternation – before revealing that a soon-come new Bad Seeds album looks set to be Grinderman-influenced.

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Grinderman Fresh from their triumphant set at All Tomorrow’s Party last month, Grinderman will make a rare London appearance at the MOJO Honours List launch tomorrow, May 9. The four-piece of Nick Cave, Martyn Casey, Warren Ellis and Jim Sclavunos will play a free show at the HMV store at 150 Oxford Street tomorrow at lunchtime along with six other acts, and MOJO hopes to see you there…

Click the MORE button for more details on the launch.

Grinderman will also celebrate the release of their new single (I Don’t Need You To) Set Me Free which came out this Monday as a digital download. The limited edition, one-sided 7-inch vinyl version is set for release on May 14.

The MOJO Honours List launch, hosted by MOJO’s editor-in-chief Phil Alexander, kicks off with a lunchtime session at 12.30pm with a set by Anglo-Argentinian outfit The Draytones, followed by London blues-punkers The Noisettes, and, then, Grinderman.

The launch continues at 6.00pm with an exclusive performance by Rufus Wainwright whose new album, Release The Stars, is reviewed in the current issue of MOJO magazine.

Wainwright will joined by Glasgow upstarts 1990s, rising York troubadour Findlay Brown and Sunderland smart-pop sophisticates Field Music, rounding out what threatens to be the equivalent of a free mini-festival in a record store.

The MOJO Honours List itself takes place on June 18 in London. A full list of nominees for the event will be announced during tomorrow’s launch.

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This year's MOJO Honours List is set to take place on June 18 at a salubrious London venue and you could win a pair of VIP tickets by helping us decide the outcome in a number of key categories. Have your say on the best albums, live acts, compilations and more from the past 12 months by voting here!


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