MOJO4music is always keen to share new music with you, which is why we're offering you an exclusive download from up and coming Scottish singer-songwriter Freddie Stevenson. Trained at RADA as a genuine actor, Stevenson has travelled the world with various stage shows and productions. And - unusually 0 his mother was one of the creators of Sesame Street, meaning that his godfather is none other than the late Jim Henson.

ouHowever, the acting muse has never interfered with his first love: writing and singing songs. "Songwriting for me was basically a way to kill time between jobs," he says. "And in many ways, that's still the way it goes. I'll pick up the guitar in the morning and if I'm lucky, I'll find a place my fingers have never been before and if I'm really lucky it will all come together and I'll have a song."

Stevenson's debut album Body On The Line is a collection of sunshine-spiked songs with wry lyrics that puts him in the Paul Simon / James Taylor mould.

Stevenson's writing has already attracted some notable musicians. John Perry, former  guitarist of The Only Ones was so impressed that not only does he play on the record, he has produced the single and album as well. Drummer Brady Blade (Bob Dylan, Steve Earle, Emmylou Harris, Dave Matthews) was also attracted by the beauty of Freddie's songs and has added his wealth of talent to the record.

MOJO4music is giving away the track The Monkey With The Two Black Eyes for you to sample. To download the MP3, right-click on the link below and select Save As to save the track to your computer rather than make it play. On Apple Macs, hit ctrl and then click on the link.


Body On The Line is released on 26 June. More info:

Tour dates:

27th June - Edinburgh Cabaret Voltaire

28th June - Manchester Night & Day
29th June - London KCLSU

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