Sigur_ros_live MOJO was on hand this week to witness Sigur Rós’ elegant opening night of this year’s BBC Electric Proms season. Playing their first ever UK acoustic gig, the Icelandic quartet played to a packed Cecil Sharp House in London for nearly three hours, following their acoustic set with a screening of the band’s new film Heima and a typically awkward but hilarious question and answer session.

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Led by the singular Jonsi Birgisson, post-rock’s most reluctant heroes swapped instrumental roles throughout the night to tiptoe their way through a setlist which all but duplicated the film’s soundtrack and proved that, as important as the production process is to the Sigur Rós sound, the songs still stand on their own feet when stripped down. 

Heima itself, a mixture of full live songs, interviews and gorgeous scenery footage, is a love letter to the Icelandic landscape and people. Directed by Canadian Dean DeBlois (of Lilo and Stitch fame!), it captures the essence of the band, humanising without demystifying them, and makes Iceland looks like God's very own country.

The Q&A that followed the movie was less enlightening – Sigur Ros are notoriously interview shy – but it did serve to convey the mischievous personalities that make up one of the world’s most cinematic bands.

Heima is released on DVD on November 5th alongside the companion album Hvarf-Heim. Read MOJO’s full review of the film in our January issue - on sale December 1.

Wednesday’s live performance can be seen by clicking here. 

And, on another note, here's the band showing that they can sometimes be the world’s least enthusiastic interviewees...

Sigur Ros Interview

Stuart Williams

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