Radioheadcrop Radiohead’s 7th studio album – entitled In Rainbows – will be released as a 10-track MP3 download on October 10. More remarkably still, MOJO’s initial explorations of the somewhat Byzantine order process appeared to suggest that purchasers can pick their own price for the album, as if it’s a punnet of strawberries set out on a trestle by the side of the A303.

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Theoretically – although technical issues made things less than crystal-clear, and MOJO awaits a call from a Radiohead spokesman to clear things up definitively – you could choose to pay anything from nothing to £99.99 for In Rainbows, making the purchase an issue of the buyer’s personal ethics. The question appears to be: How much is a Radiohead album worth to YOU?

Radiohead.com opened this morning for pre-orders for the mp3 download, which will be available from October 10. Fans will also be able to pre-order a double-vinyl-plus-two-CD version, called Discbox, with extra tracks and enhanced material. This special edition package (pictured) – costing a daunting, yet comfortingly specific £40 – will ship on December 3. Anyone purchasing this deluxe edition will automatically receive the bundled MP3 album on October 10.


The album was produced by long-time knobsman Nigel Godrich. As predicted last week, Bodysnatchers and Up On The Ladder will feature among tracks premiered on tour last summer… The complete track listing is:

15 Step
Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
All I Need
Faust ARP
House Of Cards
Jigsaw Falling Into Place

The extra songs on the second CD of the Discbox are:

Down Is The New Up
Go Slowly
Last Flowers
Up On The Ladder
Bangers And Mash
4 Minute Warning

Radiohead are currently planning a traditional CD release of In Rainbows for early 2008. But the price of that, and how enthusiastic the market will be for the band’s “sloppy seconds” is currently uncertain.

Meanwhile, MOJO staff struggled to a) decide how much to pay for the mp3 record (a fiver was a popular sum) and b) get the bloody purchase path to work. Still, we’re on Macs so we’re used to this kind of crap.

How are YOU getting on?

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Here I was thinking radiohead wasnt gunna release an album until next year, but to find out it's here in just 8 days...lol...I fell of my chair, ran around my house, read it again, passed out, woke up, ate. passed out again, woke up...lol...well ITS A LONG STORY!

radiohead BEST ALBUM OF 07?

Arcade Fire's Neon Bible was pretty darn impressive, but if any band can make it happen, why not the greatest since the BEATLES?

Posted by: Kevin | 2 Oct 2007 08:10:25