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Inrainbowssmall It's been cited as the beginning of the end for the record label and is already one of the most controversial industry developments of the last ten years, but after several weeks of chatter surrounding the pricetag hoopla of Radiohead's latest download only album release, one question still remains. Is the record actually any good? If, like MOJO, you awoke this morning to find In Rainbows sitting in your inbox, it's very possible you already have an answer.

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1. 15 Steps
Unrelenting drums and mish-mashing guitars begin to ripple, as the gates to the band's seventh album are blasted open with Yorke's lofty vocals streaming through this furious dip into spiky electronica.

2. Bodysnatchers
Jonny Greenwood and Ed O'Brien's guitars flit between fuzz-crunching drive and
echo-laden wandering on this pacey, electro-rock sprint.

3. Nude
The band strip their sound down to a minimum on this languid
orchestral piece. Yorke's voice, in characteristically fragile form, manages to fall through the luscious soundscapes with pinpoint accuracy.

4. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
Phil Selway's tight, crisp drum patterns lead the way through this
beat 'n' breaks work-out. Relentless acoustic plucking eventually push
things to a rousing finish.

5. All I Need
Minor key mischief is the order of the day throughout this twinkling
descent into strangeness as an overdriven Fender Rhodes joins Yorke's parade of surreal images.

6. Faust Arp
Acoustic arpeggios, heavy orchestration and a classic Yorke vocal
performance once again plant us firmly into the Radiohead netherworld.

7. Reckoner
Full to the brim of gargantuan strings, body-shocking crescendos and
drum-licking flourishes. The pockets of vocal harmony and swathes of
organ accompaniment make this a prime choice for a midnight headphone listen.

8. House Of Cards
An atmospheric blanket of sound sits on top of a frisky syncopated
guitar groove that moves the track into near-pop territory.

9. Jigsaw Falling Into Place
Producer Nigel Godrich has brought the bass to the front for this
pulsing sonic assault. Yorke weaves his way through the cavorting
rhythms with a precision vocal.

10. Videotape
The piano is quietly insistent throughout this closing track with
Yorke's vocal providing maximum isolation effect at the front of the
mix. An off-kilter cavalcade of beats and scrapes build to an
impressive finish.

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Posted by Ross_Bennett at 01:26PM | Categories: News


In the 60's the people had The Beatles to be thanfull for, in the 70's we had Pink Floyd- Im gratefull that we have Radiohead in these troubled era. The album is great Radiohead, maybe a little bit on the safe side but still this guys are at the top of their game.

Great record, track by track, no filler.


Posted by: Gino | 16 Oct 2007 04:03:15