Goldsmithcrop Winners in the Led Zeppelin ticket lottery – securing the right to buy a £125 ticket to the November 26 reunion show at London’s O2 Arena – are selling their tickets on ebay for sums in the region of £1000. And promoter Harvey Goldsmith (pictured), who set up the lottery in order to confound touts, is beyond livid: “I wish eBay would drop dead and die.”

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“I wish eBay would drop dead and die,” Goldsmith told Kerrang! Radio earlier this week. “I have begged them to take [the tickets] off and they have basically told us to fuck off. So I will do everything I possibly can to ruin their lives.”

While scalping of any sort is to be deplored, it’s hard to see how Goldsmith failed to foresee the ebay feeding frenzy. Only a watertight, Glastonbury-style photo id-based system was ever going to foil the online touts.

Goldmith’s outburst follows the news that fans who purchased tickets on a third party’s credit card may be refused entry.

“I am fully aware that there seems to be concerns about people who became winners in the ballot and then decided to use somebody else's credit card to pay for the ticket,” said Goldsmith on his blog. “However, I am convinced that those who are bleating the loudest seem to be protesting too much for other reasons.

“Of course there are a few people who genuinely want to come but may not have had a suitable credit card to pay for them. The answer to those people is very simple; if you are genuine you will contact us and give us a justified explanation.”

Goldsmith’s imperious tone is presumably employed to distract from the fact that the whole Led Zep lottery has been rather poorly thought-through.

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