Elviscrop Elvis Costello may never play another show in Britain, he tells MOJO magazine in a forthright interview this month. Speaking in his tour bus while on tour with Bob Dylan, the 53-year-old songwriter told us that “I don’t care if I ever play England again”, before questioning the worth of record-making in the post-MP3 landscape.

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Asked about his experience of Glastonbury 2005, where he played an early-Friday-evening set, Costello replied, “Fucking dreadful! I don’t care if I ever play England again. I'll say that right now. That gig made up my mind I wouldn’t come back.”

It transpires that Costello’s disillusionment with his homeland runs deep.

“I don't get along with it. We lost touch. It’s 25 years since I lived there. I don’t dig it, they don’t dig me. A lot of good new bands still come out of England, but I just don’t feel part of it. Music fans don’t have the same attitude to age as they do in America where young people come to check out, say, Willie Nelson; they feel some connection with him and find a role for that music in their lives.”

Costello played a gig at Liverpool’s Picket club in July, but he won’t be hurrying back.

“On that tour the BBC asked Allen [Toussaint] and me to do an interview. They kept us waiting in reception for ages and then they said they didn’t want Allen on the show, they only wanted me. So I said, ‘OK, I won’t do it!’ Then they relented. What the fuck? This guy is a guest in what used to be my country and you're just embarrassing yourselves.”

Costello goes on to speculate that he may never make another studio album (“Making a record requires me to take all the money that the label advances me and give it to other people”) before outlining his reasons for appearing in an ad for Visa (“Everything’s for sale… The boy’s gotta have shoes”).

The full version of this revealing interview can be read in MOJO 169, which is out on Thursday.

Oh, and here’s the Glastonbury performance from 05. See if you can tell what got him so riled up, because it beats the hell out of us…

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Update on AMEN's tour + Paul Raven's passing **IMPORTANT!**

AMEN just posted this update on their myspace page about the passing
of Paul Raven and their dedication to him on their UK tour:


If Link Doesn't Work, Text As Follows:


Casey Chaos comments on the passing of Paul Raven, the man that
discovered AMEN……

Paul Raven was someone I looked up to as a child, for his music, his
unique style, inspiration, and I was fortunate enough to call him one
of my best friends over the last 10 years. If not for Paul Raven, AMEN
would probably not even exist. Paul was the first person to put his
money where is mouth was and produce the first AMEN album, and even
take AMEN out on tour to open for KILLING JOKE in America in 2004.

To commemorate Paul's life, Amen will be dedicating our Halloween
appearance at London's Underworld, tonight (Wednesday 31st) and the
remaining dates of our impromptu UK tour, to him, in celebration of a
punk legend

In Pauls giving spirit, we would like to announce that the first 99
people through the door at the Underworld, will be admitted for FREE,
to witness a once in a lifetime celebration of a life unparralled.

AMEN would like to sincerely send our best wishes to his loved ones,
friends, family, and to the fans who will never hear any else who
could play bass like Paul Raven, for he will be truly missed by all,
whether you know it or not.



AMEN / The Inbreds / $peedranch

31 – The Underworld, LONDON

2 – The Freebutt, Brighton
4 – The Croft, Bristol
5 – Satans Hollow, Manchester
6 – Leicester Square, Leicester
7 – Liverpool Academy
8 – Spring & Airbrake, Belfast (Ireland)
10 – Tap N Tin, Chatham
11 – Zaks, Milton Keynes
13 – The Joiners, Southampton
15 – Meze, Newport
17 – Terrys, Trowbridge
18 – Toms, Pontypridd
20 - The Wheatchief, Oxford
21 - The Chapel, Huddersfield
22 – Rios, Leeds END OF TOUR PARTY!

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