Roycrop Tonight, Friday September 28, sees Roy Harper return to the Royal Albert Hall as special guest of folk queen du jour Joanna Newsom, and MOJO can exclusively reveal that the indefatigable electric folk warrior is set to play his 1971 masterpiece Stormcock in its entirety.

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Featuring Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page on guitar and with musical arrangements by Dave Bedford, Stormcock is a multi-textured four track song cycle during which Harper rails against the judicial system (Hors D’Oeuvre), organised religion (The Same Old Rock), the futility of the 1968 protests (One Man Rock’n’Roll Band) and ecological issues (Me And My Woman).


The album itself remains an astonishing piece of work whose stature has grown since its release 36 years ago, more recently finding a new audience among the modern day acid folk scene – hence Newsom’s request that Harper join her for the Albert Hall show.

“When Joanna asked me to do the show with her I thought that was great. Then I found out that Me And My Woman was one of her favourite songs so I thought I’d play that for her,” comments Roy. “Then I realised that rather than do ‘The Roy’ and come out with all the usual satirical stuff I may as well play the whole album for her.”

Doing ‘The Roy’ in this case refers to Harper’s inimitable between-song banter which customarily involves endless anecdotes and moments of audience sparring.

“It will be hard to keep that under control,” he admits. “But I’m reckoning on four minutes of talking and then 41 minutes of music so it should be a challenge to do.”

Harper is also set to follow-up his live performance of Stormcock with a new digitally remastered reissue of the album via his Science Friction label on October 22.

“I’ve wanted to remaster it for a long-time,” he states. “The 1994 version was a poor, dismal substitute for the original vinyl. I don’t like what happens to the sound when tape is transferred into the digital domain and to be honest, until this release, Stormcock has not sounded right. I took the two-track master apart and looked at every little facet and it sounds like it should now.

While tickets for tonight’s Harper/Newsom double sold out weeks ago fans are invited to call the Royal Albert Hall box office on 0207 589 8212 to check on returns that may be available.

For more information on Roy Harper visit: www.royharper.com

Posted by Danny Eccleston at 03:25PM


It's an old line to say "This album changed my life" .. but this one did - Stormcock blew me away at 16 years old and still sounds totally fresh and vital to me now I'm..er.. 28 lol.It's great to see a revival in interest in it - but I reckon that Royal Albert Hall bill was the wrong way round..!

Posted by: Kevin Hewick | 30 Sep 2007 12:41:44