Rheadcode Send three and fourpence, we're going to a dance! My hovercraft is full of eels! Posting on their web site, Radiohead have spent an idle week sending coded messages to their fans, which appear to hint at the content and delivery date of their seventh album. Although the arrays of typically miserable stick figures are apparently baffling, it’s taken no time for big-brained users of the band’s fan site, ateaseweb, to decipher them...

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The band’s blog, at www.radiohead.com/deadairspace/, has been running the cryptic posts since Saturday. The most recent, posted yesterday, has been translated by ateaseweb users as “considering dissemination”, interpreted as alluding to the band being in the process of shopping for labels (they are out of contract with Parlophone) or about to announce a release.

Another glyph, unveiled in a popup by clicking on the words HODIAU DIREKTON, has been translated as “march wax”, which has fuelled speculation that the album will drop in that very month.

Other posts, which have been translated as "yes we’re still alive", "blink your eyes one for yes two for no code code code", "xendless", "plausible deniability" and "might not operate properly" seem to derive from the lyric to Bodysnatchers, an unreleased song the band were playing on tour last summer (“a massive trip-out with chiming guitars,” reckoned MOJO), while yesterday’s addition, a blurry photograph of Thom Yorke entitled upontheladdert.jpg, appears to imply that Up On The Ladder, another unreleased song, may finally see the light of day.

Today, Radiohead’s spokesman was hinting that official information, including Radiohead’s new label deal and confirmation of a release date, would be available soon.

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Today, Radiohead have announced the new album will be available as a download (out on Oct 10) only from their website…unpriced...you pay what you think it is worth! Fantastic blow to record companies...

Posted by: Kev | 1 Oct 2007 11:21:04