It has become one of the most bizarre and highly publicised murder trials of the last twenty years. Now, in the case against Phil Spector - pop's most reclusive figurehead - the judge has declared a mistrial. This is just the latest in an unstoppable reel of developments since the court battle began in April - the world has seen more of Phil Spector in the last six months than they have done in the last four decades. Below, MOJO takes a look back at the ongoing saga that is the producer's troubled life. Hair alterations not included. 

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As one of music's most private and unpredictable figures, Phil Spector has spent the best part of the last forty years in self-imposed exile, ensconced behind the huge iron gates of his gothic Californian fortress. Of course, if you've single-handedly changed the sound of modern music, made your fortune and decided to retire early (for the first time at the age of 26), then why bother with 'other people'? That all changed on a February evening in 2003, when Lana Clarkson, a 40-year old actress and hostess at L.A's House Of Blues, was found shot dead at Spector's home.  


February 3, 2003 – Responding to a 9-11 call, police arrive at Spector’s Alhambra mansion where they find B-movie actress and restaurant hostess, Lana Clarkson shot dead.

March 11, 2003 – Spector sends an email to friends, stating that he believes the incident was “an accidental suicide”.

June 4, 2003 – During an interview with Esquire magazine, Spector muses, “She kissed the gun. I have no idea why.”

Nov 20, 2003 – The world’s most famous studio whiz is charged with Clarkson's murder. Spector enters a plea of not guilty.

Feb 2, 2004
– Spector fires his 'dream team' attorney Robert Shapiro. Leslie Abramson and Marcia Morrissey lead the new defence.

Aug 24, 2004 – Defence team resigns. NYC lawyer Bruce Cutler steps into the fray.

Sept 27, 2004 – Spector is indicted on a charge of murder.

Feb 3, 2005 – On the second anniversary of her daughter’s death, Clarkson’s mother files a wrongful death suit against the producer.

Jan 16, 2007 – Jury selection is set for March 19.

Feb 16, 2007 – The judge rules that the trial will be televised.

Mar 19, 2007 – Jury selection begins in L.A.

Apr 19, 2007 - The jury (nine men and three women) are sworn in.   

Apr 25, 2007 – The court hears opening statements from the prosecution and defence.

Aug 27, 2007 – Bruce Cutler quits Spector’s defence team, citing "a difference of opinion on strategy".  Enter Roger Rosen. 

Sept 7, 2007 – Closing statements.

Sept 26,  2007 – After 12 days and over forty hours of deliberation the jury declare they are deadlocked, after a vote of 10-2 in favour of conviction. The judge formally declares a mistrial. Preparations for a retrial are already underway. The case continues...

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