It has become one of the most bizarre and highly publicised murder trials of the last twenty years. Now, in the case against Phil Spector - pop's most reclusive figurehead - the judge has declared a mistrial. This is just the latest in an unstoppable reel of developments since the court battle began in April - the world has seen more of Phil Spector in the last six months than they have done in the last four decades. Below, MOJO takes a look back at the ongoing saga that is the producer's troubled life. Hair alterations not included. 

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As one of music's most private and unpredictable figures, Phil Spector has spent the best part of the last forty years in self-imposed exile, ensconced behind the huge iron gates of his gothic Californian fortress. Of course, if you've single-handedly changed the sound of modern music, made your fortune and decided to retire early (for the first time at the age of 26), then why bother with 'other people'? That all changed on a February evening in 2003, when Lana Clarkson, a 40-year old actress and hostess at L.A's House Of Blues, was found shot dead at Spector's home.  


February 3, 2003 – Responding to a 9-11 call, police arrive at Spector’s Alhambra mansion where they find B-movie actress and restaurant hostess, Lana Clarkson shot dead.

March 11, 2003 – Spector sends an email to friends, stating that he believes the incident was “an accidental suicide”.

June 4, 2003 – During an interview with Esquire magazine, Spector muses, “She kissed the gun. I have no idea why.”

Nov 20, 2003 – The world’s most famous studio whiz is charged with Clarkson's murder. Spector enters a plea of not guilty.

Feb 2, 2004
– Spector fires his 'dream team' attorney Robert Shapiro. Leslie Abramson and Marcia Morrissey lead the new defence.

Aug 24, 2004 – Defence team resigns. NYC lawyer Bruce Cutler steps into the fray.

Sept 27, 2004 – Spector is indicted on a charge of murder.

Feb 3, 2005 – On the second anniversary of her daughter’s death, Clarkson’s mother files a wrongful death suit against the producer.

Jan 16, 2007 – Jury selection is set for March 19.

Feb 16, 2007 – The judge rules that the trial will be televised.

Mar 19, 2007 – Jury selection begins in L.A.

Apr 19, 2007 - The jury (nine men and three women) are sworn in.   

Apr 25, 2007 – The court hears opening statements from the prosecution and defence.

Aug 27, 2007 – Bruce Cutler quits Spector’s defence team, citing "a difference of opinion on strategy".  Enter Roger Rosen. 

Sept 7, 2007 – Closing statements.

Sept 26,  2007 – After 12 days and over forty hours of deliberation the jury declare they are deadlocked, after a vote of 10-2 in favour of conviction. The judge formally declares a mistrial. Preparations for a retrial are already underway. The case continues...

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Roycrop Tonight, Friday September 28, sees Roy Harper return to the Royal Albert Hall as special guest of folk queen du jour Joanna Newsom, and MOJO can exclusively reveal that the indefatigable electric folk warrior is set to play his 1971 masterpiece Stormcock in its entirety.

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Featuring Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page on guitar and with musical arrangements by Dave Bedford, Stormcock is a multi-textured four track song cycle during which Harper rails against the judicial system (Hors D’Oeuvre), organised religion (The Same Old Rock), the futility of the 1968 protests (One Man Rock’n’Roll Band) and ecological issues (Me And My Woman).


The album itself remains an astonishing piece of work whose stature has grown since its release 36 years ago, more recently finding a new audience among the modern day acid folk scene – hence Newsom’s request that Harper join her for the Albert Hall show.

“When Joanna asked me to do the show with her I thought that was great. Then I found out that Me And My Woman was one of her favourite songs so I thought I’d play that for her,” comments Roy. “Then I realised that rather than do ‘The Roy’ and come out with all the usual satirical stuff I may as well play the whole album for her.”

Doing ‘The Roy’ in this case refers to Harper’s inimitable between-song banter which customarily involves endless anecdotes and moments of audience sparring.

“It will be hard to keep that under control,” he admits. “But I’m reckoning on four minutes of talking and then 41 minutes of music so it should be a challenge to do.”

Harper is also set to follow-up his live performance of Stormcock with a new digitally remastered reissue of the album via his Science Friction label on October 22.

“I’ve wanted to remaster it for a long-time,” he states. “The 1994 version was a poor, dismal substitute for the original vinyl. I don’t like what happens to the sound when tape is transferred into the digital domain and to be honest, until this release, Stormcock has not sounded right. I took the two-track master apart and looked at every little facet and it sounds like it should now.

While tickets for tonight’s Harper/Newsom double sold out weeks ago fans are invited to call the Royal Albert Hall box office on 0207 589 8212 to check on returns that may be available.

For more information on Roy Harper visit: www.royharper.com

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Liamcrop_2 In a startling interview in this month’s MOJO magazine, Oasis singer and professional loose cannon, Liam Gallagher, declares that his feud with former Blur whipping boy Damon Albarn, is over. “I don’t mind Blur. I’m over it,” he reveals. “ When I see Damon Albarn, I buzz off him.” It is just one of many remarkable statements that culminate in the mind-boggling claim that he is “The Enlightened One”...

Click MORE for exclusive Liam picture gallery by MOJO’s Kevin Westenberg







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Sydbarrett A new book by MOJO writer Mark Blake has unearthed surprising untold details of Syd Barrett’s 1967. Late in that year, when he should have been writing a follow-up single to Pink Floyd's Top 5 hit See Emily Play, Barrett was hiding out at the home of his Cambridge friend and filmmaker Anthony Stern. Between them the two hatched a plan to create their own movie, to which they gave the title of The Rose-Tinted Monocle…

Click MORE for the full story and – gasp! – the earliest known pic of David Gilmour!

"Syd and I were trying to make a new kind of film," explains Stern now. "No linear structure, but consisting of music and fragments, and lots of little 30-second episodes. Like an aid to meditation - to give the viewer a sense of oneness." Syd would never see the film through to completion, but Stern did, later pitching it to Pink Floyd at the height of their fame.

Blake has also unearthed a number of previously unseen pictures, including this one of David Gilmour (top left) photographed on top of the Cambridge School Of Art's rag week float in 1965. Gilmour was then fronting his own band Jokers Wild, and travelled to St Tropez that summer, spending a fortnight hitchhiking and busking around France with Syd Barrett. “Dave was always more clean-cut than Syd, though,” remembers one old college friend. “He had a college look, an American style of dress, and it went down very well with the women.”


Almost a hundred former associates, ex-band members, producers, girlfriends, managers, roadies and others are interviewed for Pigs Might Fly: The Inside Story Of Pink Floyd. It’s in bookshops from October 4, but you can win one of five gratis copies by answering this Floydian conundrum…

The title of Syd Barrett’s song, Chapter 24, was taken from which source book for ’60s heads?

a) The I Ching
b) The Naked Lunch
c) The Doors Of Perception

Email your answers to Editor@mojo4music.com, with the subject line Floydian Conundrum, and if you’re one of five pulled out of the MOJO kepi on October 8, you’ll receive a book that looks something like this...


And for more information about Pigs Might Fly go to www.markrblake.com.


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• All winners will be notified by email.
• This competition is open to all UK readers, except employees and associates of Emap. And their families. And pets.

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Ronsoncrop Amy Winehouse producer Mark Ronson is to use his family connections to wangle entry into the most exclusive gig of the year. Ronson’s stepfather is Mick Jones from the group Foreigner, who are also slated to appear at the Ahmet Ertegun Tribute concert at the O2 arena on November 26. Foreigner were on the Atlantic label alongside Led Zeppelin, and as Ronson revealed to MOJO today, “Ahmet Ertegun always said he wished his English bands he’d signed in the ’70s would do a show together, a one-off...” But has he pre-registered? No fear!

Click MORE for Ronson on Led Zep and Amy Winehouse’s recent “troubles”.

Ronson on Zep: “I am going to have to completely hassle my stepdad. I really want to go but I’m wondering if I should try Geffen because they might have better tickets! But that’s going to be such an amazing show. I don’t know Led Zep personally but they are one of my all-time favourite bands. My stepdad knows them well. They were on Atlantic at the same time and Ahmet Ertegun always said he wished his English bands he’d signed in the ’70s would do a show together, a one off, and that’s why they’re kind of doing it.”

Ronson on Amy: “I think if there’s anyone powerful enough – with their music and voice – to be able to get over all the tabloid stuff and forget about it then it’s Amy. She’s lucky that her voice and everything about her is so amazing and it just cuts through all the media bullshit. She’s famous, they’re going to write about her whether she likes it or not, but she’ll pull through.”

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Rheadcode Send three and fourpence, we're going to a dance! My hovercraft is full of eels! Posting on their web site, Radiohead have spent an idle week sending coded messages to their fans, which appear to hint at the content and delivery date of their seventh album. Although the arrays of typically miserable stick figures are apparently baffling, it’s taken no time for big-brained users of the band’s fan site, ateaseweb, to decipher them...

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The band’s blog, at www.radiohead.com/deadairspace/, has been running the cryptic posts since Saturday. The most recent, posted yesterday, has been translated by ateaseweb users as “considering dissemination”, interpreted as alluding to the band being in the process of shopping for labels (they are out of contract with Parlophone) or about to announce a release.

Another glyph, unveiled in a popup by clicking on the words HODIAU DIREKTON, has been translated as “march wax”, which has fuelled speculation that the album will drop in that very month.

Other posts, which have been translated as "yes we’re still alive", "blink your eyes one for yes two for no code code code", "xendless", "plausible deniability" and "might not operate properly" seem to derive from the lyric to Bodysnatchers, an unreleased song the band were playing on tour last summer (“a massive trip-out with chiming guitars,” reckoned MOJO), while yesterday’s addition, a blurry photograph of Thom Yorke entitled upontheladdert.jpg, appears to imply that Up On The Ladder, another unreleased song, may finally see the light of day.

Today, Radiohead’s spokesman was hinting that official information, including Radiohead’s new label deal and confirmation of a release date, would be available soon.

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HOW TO BUY...AC/DC25 Sep 2007

Highway_to_hell Any reckoning of the mightiest rock ‘n’ roll bands to have ever shaken the earth would incomplete without genuflection to AC/DC. Bringing the pain on record since 1975, the diehard rockers are planning a new collection next year and will shortly be releasing a career-wide double DVD retrospective. But in the meantime, what are the ten necessary waxings you need to own?

Click MORE to put your opinions forward

How does Highway To Hell measure up against Back In Black? Dirty Deeds… or Ballbreaker? You may also ponder on whether the band’s name stands for ‘Anti-Christ/ Devil’s Codpiece’, or what the precise location of AC/DC Lane in Melbourne is, but it’s the choices we’re interested in.

As ever, the best comments will be printed in the magazine.

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Ramones2 Testament to Da Brudders pre-eminence as a live band is provided in spades by It’s Alive 1974-1996, a two-disc DVD that traces their odyssey from a sloppy sideshow at CBGB in 1974 to an insanely focused twilight performance in Buenos Aires in 1996. It’s out on October 1 on Rhino, but five MOJO readers will have their wigs flipped and barns burned for zero moolah.

Click MORE for details and how to win…

Although taking its title partly from the 1979 Ramones live album of that name, It’s Alive is much more than the 1977 Finsbury Park Rainbow gig that record documented.

Presenting footage from 33 separate performances over two CDs, It’s Alive includes Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue, I Don’t Wanna Go Down In The Basement and Judy Is A Punk from a protean show at CBGB on September 15, 1974, and startling unreleased film from the original It’s Alive show.

Highlights include a super-intense Havana Affair at Max’s Kansas City in 1976 and a hair-raising Blitzkrieg Bop during a homecoming CBGB show the following year (dig the unperturbed waitresses taking orders from the front row!). Yet perhaps the most outstanding feature is the zero drop-off in the Ramones live intensity even as their recording career flagged through the ’80s and ’90s. In fact, an assault on Wart Hog from an Old Grey Whistle Test broadcast in 1985 – with the inderrated Richie Ramone at his snare-battering best – could be the most exciting thing here.

Other things to enjoy: Johnny Ramone’s unyielding stance and hate-warped phizzog; the iconic brilliance of Dee Dee’s bass-playing; a loony monologue from the latter in 1996 concerning the joys of coffee and cigs; and the bizarre incongruity of the Ramones’ Top Of The Performances – specifically a 1980 Baby I Love You introduced by Peter Powell.

They’re going to be massive, promises Powell. Needless to say, they weren’t. But they were legendary, which is rarer. Danny Eccleston


For a chance to win one of five copies of the DVD package, email Editor@mojo4music.com before the end of play on October 8 with the correct answer to the following question. Which of the following was NOT a nickname of a drummer for the Ramones?

a) Marky Ramone
b) Elvis Ramone
c) Benito Ramone


1-2-3-4! Terms & Conditions!
• Include name, email, postal address
• No prizes can be traded or exchanged for a cash alternative
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• All winners will be notified by email.
• This competition is open to all UK readers, except employees and associates of Emap and their families.

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Knaancrop “When you say ‘Somalia’, you think about war, but we were a nation a poets, that is how we were known in Africa,” says Canada-based Mogadishu-born rapper K’naan. After escaping the conflict in his home country in 1991 – he left on the last commercial flight out - the budding rapper went to Ontario via New York and ended up expressing his unique set of influences on his 2005 album The Dusty Foot Philosopher and his latest, the live set The Dusty Foot On The Road.

Click the MORE button to hear songs from The Dusty Foot Philosopher and The Dusty Foot On The Road.

The Dusty Foot Philosopher
Where the MC wryly explains where he’s coming from over clipped beats, whistling and piano, like Eminem’s East African alter-ego. (Taken from The Dusty Foot Philosopher.)

Live guitar and drums come up against synth and the rapper’s extrapolation on the ruination of his homeland. One of his distinctly Marleyesque moments. (Taken from The Dusty Foot On The Road.)

What’s Hardcore?
Stripped and mordant comparison of rap of the gangsta persuasion and life in Somalia: “If I rhymed about home and got descriptive, I’d make 50 Cent look like Limp Bizkit” quoth K’naan. (Taken from The Dusty Foot On The Road.)

Read K’Naan in conversation in this month’s MOJO.

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Controlcrop You could win a pair of tickets to a special preview of Joy Division biopic Control (MOJOs passim) at Manchester’s Cornerhouse venue on Thursday October 4, plus a further pair for a unique "In Conversation" evening with screenwriter Matt Greenhalgh and Joy Div/New Order bass monster Peter Hook on October 19. The lucky winner of the Cornerhouse’s Control giveaway will also walk off with the Control soundtrack CD and a copy of Deborah Curtis’s book, Touching From A Distance.

Click MORE for a chance to win and the lowdown on the Cornerhouse’s October events.

To win the Control package described above, email Editor@mojo4music.com before September 27 with the answer to the following question. Where was Joy Division’s last gig?

a) Moonlight Club, West Hampstead
b) Birmingham University
c) Empire Pool, Wembley

The winner needs to be able to attend both nights. The Cornerhouse is located at the Greater Manchester Arts Centre, 70 Oxford Street, Manchester M1 5NH. Full terms and conditions at the bottom of this story. Full listings for the Cornerhouse’s Mancunian rock history binge follow...


SPECIAL PREVIEW OF CONTROL - Thu 4 October, 10.30pm
Normal ticket prices apply. Advance booking essential.

ANTON CORBIJN, MUSIC TO YOUR EYES (15) - Thu 25 October, 6.10pm
This programme of Anton Corbijn’s earlier work, includes Some Yo Yo Stuff, his insightful 1993 B&W documentary on iconoclast Don Van Vliet (Captain Beefheart).
Tickets £2.00 full / £1.50 concs.

24 HOUR PARTY PEOPLE (18) - Sat 20 October, 10.00pm & Sun 21 October 11.55am
A comic, chaotic celebration of the Manchester music scene from the
1976 Sex Pistols gig to the death of the Haçienda.
Normal ticket prices apply.

SO IT GOES (15) - Sat 20 October, 3.45pm
From 1976-1977 So It Goes was the only place to spot the newest musical talent. Here’s a rare opportunity to catch episodes of groundbreaking television, with excerpts from additional non-So It Goes Tony Wilson TV appearances.
Normal ticket prices apply.

ROCK ‘N’ ROLL WALK - Sun 7 October, 4.00pm & Sun 21 October, 6.00pm
Join CP Lee on a Rock ‘n’ Roll walk around the centre of Manchester.
£5.00 full/ £4.00 concs - Places are limited please book early.

ONE HOUR INTRO: POP/ART - Wed 24 October, 5.00pm
This talk will look at the influence of pop music on contemporary art, and vice versa. Led by Chris Clarke, Cornerhouse’s Visual Arts Education Officer.
£3.50 full/£3.00 concs.

- Fri 19 October, 6.30pm
Manchester screenwriter Matt Greenhalgh (who makes his feature début with CONTROL) in conversation with former Joy Division bassist Peter Hook.
£5.00 full/£4.00 concs.

- Mon 22 October, 6.30pm
Journalist and author John Robb chairs a panel of critics, academics and presenters in a discussion of current provision for pop music programmes on British TV.
Presented in association with In the City. £5.00 full/£4.00 concs.

Concessions available to students, the unemployed, disabled and OAPs on production of relevant proof.
Matinées (before 5.00pm) £4.60 full / £3.30 concessions
Evenings (from 5.00pm) £5.70 full / £4.00 concessions

0161 200 1500 or visit www.cornerhouse.org


Them crazy Terms & Conditions

• No prizes can be traded or exchanged for a cash alternative
• Closing date for this competition is September 27, 2007
• All entrants are responsible for including correct contact details
• The judges decision is final and no negotiation or debate will be entered into.
• All winners will be notified by email.
• This competition is open to all UK readers, except employees, associates and their families of Emap and the Cornerhouse.

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