Highway_to_hell Any reckoning of the mightiest rock ‘n’ roll bands to have ever shaken the earth would incomplete without genuflection to AC/DC. Bringing the pain on record since 1975, the diehard rockers are planning a new collection next year and will shortly be releasing a career-wide double DVD retrospective. But in the meantime, what are the ten necessary waxings you need to own?

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How does Highway To Hell measure up against Back In Black? Dirty Deeds… or Ballbreaker? You may also ponder on whether the band’s name stands for ‘Anti-Christ/ Devil’s Codpiece’, or what the precise location of AC/DC Lane in Melbourne is, but it’s the choices we’re interested in.

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It ain't over until Bon Scott sings about the fat lady. "If You Want Blood You've Got It" is the AC/DC album to end all AC/DC albums.

Posted by: Hans | 25 Sep 2007 14:51:17

Mojo,don't casually dismiss "Flick of the Switch" from 1983. It's got several crunchy numbers including Nervous Shakedown and the title track. It has a little less of that studio sheen that Mutt Lange brought to the proceedings, but that ain't necessarily a bad thing!

That being said, the best one to me is Powerage.

Posted by: Greg Walker | 25 Sep 2007 15:42:23

The best damn Rock N Roll band on the planet,they lay down a groove better than any funk band could.Totally timeless & the emotion in the music gets inside your bones. For my Money "Dirty Deeds done dirt cheap" or the warmth of "Powerage" with Some of Bon's greatest songs "Downpayment Blues" etc get's my vote.

Posted by: Jon Curry | 25 Sep 2007 19:09:43

Powerage... Greatest AC/DC Album and one of the greatest Rock'N'Roll Albums Ever...

I went to see AC/DC in 1996 and although they put on an excellent show, Not one track from this excellent album was played...

Posted by: Paul | 27 Sep 2007 11:26:08

I think Powerage is a great album too. I have a soft spot for Let There Be Rock but I would probably have to vote for TNT, AC/DC's second album. Growing up in Australia, I was 11 when this album hit the streets and contains the soundtrack of my youth. Live Wire; Rock n Roll Singer; High Voltage; Rocker; The Jack; School Days...all bone crunchingly fun and raw as an open wound. For nostalgic reasons, this one is my fave!

Posted by: Space_Is_Deep | 27 Sep 2007 12:29:04

are they still a band? does it take 8 years to come up w/ a dozen 3-chord riffs? i love them too i just don't get what takes bands so long to make a new lp!

Posted by: ken | 27 Sep 2007 13:37:47

"Back In Black" might be by right the ultimate classic but I love "If You Want Blood You've Got It" the most - for the sheer rawness and pure energy of that performance. "Whole Lotta Rosie?" Yep!

Posted by: David Berdych | 27 Sep 2007 21:02:36

My black sheep vote has to go to the "Live At The Atlantic Studios" promo LP (finally issued widely on the Bonfire box), recorded @ the 'Powerage' album and seriously one of the hardest rocking records of all time IMHO. The band is in ridiculously hot form, and all in front of a handful of lucky contest winners to boot! You can almost feel the heat off of the Marshalls!

Posted by: Dave Read | 28 Sep 2007 05:09:24

It has to be Highway To Hell - just for the title track's great 'eeoooowwwww' riff Angus does linking the last two chorus's. The best dragging of a pick down the strings ever.

Posted by: El Ponko | 28 Sep 2007 18:23:55

Power Age!

That's why i'm in AC/DC for 30 years... I heard Let There Be Rock before that lp... great album! But when Power Age "Kicked in the teeth" my father's house... i knew it was for good! YAIS, "UP TO MY NECK IN YOU" GUYS!!!

Posted by: bernard lafortune | 28 Sep 2007 19:20:40

'She told me to come but I was already there.'

I love Heatseeker off is it Blow Up Your Video. It goes like shit off a shovel.

Posted by: David Holzer | 29 Sep 2007 10:51:35

'If you want blood you got it' was the one that turned me completely on to them in the 70s. You can feel the energy of this band and it is like you're there. For studio albums it has to be Powerage. Every song a winner. Never the same without Bon.

Posted by: Mike Hooper | 1 Oct 2007 07:51:45

No drunken night with my mates is complere without one of us impersonating Bon Scott "singing" Big Balls and the rest of us chanting "I got big balls...". What a great party song (which our wives hate...)

Posted by: Lauri from Finland | 1 Oct 2007 11:11:35

Two singers two albums, Highway to Hell for Bon Scott and Back in Black for Brian Johnson. On reflection, the two outstanding tracks on 'Highway' aren't enough to swing it. As I'm sure most people will already know, Back in Black was the first album following Bon Scott's unfortunate death. The replacement Brian Johnson lacks some of Bon's more primal essence but more than makes up for it with more sophisticated songs. A ten song album with no filler makes Back in Black the winner.

Posted by: John Clark | 1 Oct 2007 14:50:24

1) Back in Black
2) Powerage
3) Highway To Hell
4) Let There Be Rock
5) Stiff Upper Lip

Back in Black is simply peerless, one of those classic albums with wall to wall tunes, Powerage does much the same with added sleaze. Highway to Hell has some fantastic moments as does Let There Be Rock and Stiff Upper Lip, for me explores a more bluesy arena.

But lets face it, this was and is the best rock band on the planet. Constantly entertaining, superbly played and best of all....fun.

Posted by: Mitchell Hawes | 2 Oct 2007 17:04:26

1. Back In Black
2. If You Want Blood You've Got It
3. Let There Be Rock
4. Powerage
%. Flick of the switch

but lets face it ac/dc even if they were to make a bad album would still kick the shit out of 99% of rock music out today

Posted by: adam shove | 3 Oct 2007 14:52:02

My answer to this question reflects the two episodes in AC/DC's existence. Firstly the Bon Scott years and secondly what comes after his death. I'll leave it to readers to decide if there is a musical watershed but AC/DC were always best as a perfoming band and my choice of albums reflects as much the stage presence of the front man as it does the quality of the output. Purely on a song/album basis I might reverese 1 and 2 . So to stop 'beating around the bush' I'll shut up and answer the question.

1. Powerage
2. Back in Black
3. If you want blood
4. High voltage
5. Let there be rock
4. Highway to Hell

Posted by: AC | 11 Oct 2007 13:03:01