Gmancrop1_2 The roof was well and truly torn off HMV’s flagship store this lunchtime, as some of our favourite bands helped us celebrate the launch of the Mojo Honours List 2007. The Draytones and Noisettes whipped a game crowd into a pre-coital frenzy, only for the unholy alliance that is Grinderman to rumble like a burst of lascivious thunder.

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The Draytones drove overnight from their show in Glasgow and arrived on Oxford Street at 7am. “We had a spot of breakfast and then we saw a bus with 28 Days Later advert on the side. That's what it felt like being here,” laughed bassist Chris Le Good. “We did have a good sleep in the van at the bottom of Berwick Street, mind you.” Their startling brand of rough-edged Cavern Club beat pop appeared none the worse for it.

“I hated that! Every minute of it!” said Noisettes singer Shingai Shoniwa, following a protracted battling technical gremlins. Then on being told that people thought that her throwing the bass around in digust was part of the act she said, “I really must do that more often then!” Indeed, their blend of hi-octane vocal histrionics and explosive, hard rock power-trio action won them more friends than enemies. “I think we'll be one of those bands that people like when we're dead!” she added during an interview with MOJO Radio. “So please listen to our records now! Then you might like us while we're still alive!”

Grinderman had their own nomination to celebrate, and did so with gusto, turning in performances of Honey Bee (Let’s Fly To Mars), Depth Charge Ethel, Grinderman, When My Love Comes Down, No Pussy Blues and Lovebomb that transcended their location. “Getting other people to contribute the songs seems to have made them care about them more,” Cave told MOJO – to his longtime colleagues’ consternation – before revealing that a soon-come new Bad Seeds album looks set to be Grinderman-influenced.

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