Jeff_buckley_crop It’s a tough ask: sum up the awesome talent and squandered promise of Jeff Buckley in 14 tracks. Sony’s new compilation, So Real: Songs From Jeff Buckley has a good stab at it, and dangles genuine fan-bait in the shape of two tracks, hitherto commercially unreleased. Hear a full stream of a startling cover of The Smiths’ I Know It’s Over – by clicking below.

I Know It's Over (live)
Smiths cover (from The Queen is Dead, fools!), recorded at a live session at Sony Studios, edited for broadcast on WNEW-FM on April 6, 1995, but not included on the radio broadcast.

The compilation hits the streets on May 28, a day before the 10th anniversary of Buckley’s death, drowned in the Mississippi river in circumstances that have never been fully explained. He was only 30 years old. Pulling together tracks from his two studio albums, including the unfinished Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk, plus delicious side-orders from the posthumously expanded Grace and Live At Sin-é editions, it’s as agreeably unobvious a Greatest Bits as you could conjure.

Tracklisting is as follows…

1. Last Goodbye (B)
2. Lover You Should Have Come Over (B)
3. Forget Her (C)
4. Eternal Life (Road Version) (C)
5. Dream Brother (Alternate Take) (C)
6. The Sky Is A Landfill (D)
7. Everybody Here Wants You (D)
8. So Real (non-album acoustic version live in Japan, previously available only as a promotional single)
9. Mojo Pin (A)
10. Vancouver (D)
11. Je N'en Connais Pas La Fin (A)
12. Grace (B)
13. Hallelujah (B)
14. I Know It's Over (live) (see above)

Source key…

A – from Live At Sin-é (originally released 1993, as Columbia 44K-77296; reissued September 2003, as Live At Sin-é: Legacy Edition, Columbia/Legacy C2K 89202)
B – from Grace (originally released August 1994, as Columbia CK 57528)
C – from Grace: Legacy Edition (originally released August 2004, as Columbia/Legacy C3K 92881)
D – from Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk (originally released May 1998, as Columbia C2K 67228)

Look out for the full, weird, tragic story of Sketches From My Sweetheart The Drunk in a future MOJO…

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