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Stephen_malkmus MOJO can exclusively reveal that Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks have confirmed that they’ll play the Sunday night headline slot at this year's Green Man Festival, August 19.

Green Man is the MOJO-endorsed mecca of nu-folk, head rock and good vibes held at Glanusk Park, Brecon Beacons, Powys, Wales over the weekend of 17-19 August 2007. Acts confirmed so far include Bill Callahan (of Smog fame), Dead Meadow, Gruff Rhys, Vetiver, The Earlies, Vashti Bunyan, Richmond Fontaine, Euros Childs and Tunng. Joanna Newsom and Robert Plant headline on Friday 17 and Saturday 18 respectively.

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Stephen, where are you right now?
We’re in Fort Lauderdale, this suburban sprawl just north of Miami. We’re on this hippy festival bill. I’s called Langerado, related to Bonnaroo. It’s this big, hairy, soap-dodging mess. It’s spring break, too. So it’s kids off university doing Jell-O shots and trying to get laid. Great if you like drugs and the hairier girl.

Are the Jicks a good soundtrack to picking up hairy girls?
Of course! That’s why we’re playing Green Man. We hear it’s the Welsh way.

How’s your knowledge of Welsh culture? What’s the national plant?
I can see it, but I can’t name it. I wanna say hemlock…

Here’s a clue. It’s like an elongated onion…

Aaaah, I’ve got it! It’s a leek. I know some Welsh music. There’s this guy called Meic Stevens, who made a record called Outlander on Sain, which you guys should really do something on – it’s brilliant acid folk-type stuff.

What’s new in Jicksworld?
We’ve got a new drummer, Janet Weiss [ex-of Sleater-Kinney and Quasi]. We’re making a new record at the end of May with an engineer called TJ Doherty – a cool kid who worked on the Wilco record. We’re doing it in Montana, which is new for us. We’ve pretty much got it all worked out, bar lyrics. We’re ready to go.

What can you tell me about the new songs, without having to kill me afterwards?
I don’t know how to make it sound very exciting, but I like to think it manages to polarise and bring together at the same time. There are some really long songs – which some people like – and some short songs – which some people seem to hate. There are no guitar solos!

How does it compare with the last album, Face The Truth [2005]?
That was quite a scruffy record, 80 per cent of which I did at home, screwing around, embodying the DIY spirit. Perhaps a bit too scruffy in parts. This will be more rehearsed.

The difference between The Jicks and Pavement seems to boil down to: Less Chaos, More Rocking.
That’s true. We just played Maxwell’s in New Jersey the other day and Joanne [Bolme, bass] was taking the tube back to New York and there was a drunk guy saying, “I liked Pavement better.” And my friend is like, “Well did you ever see Pavement?” “Er, no” “Well that’s why you think that.” Pavement could be great or we could be horrible, then we got to be great for a little while, then we ended up as kinda… band-on-tour. But the chaos thing, yes, I don’t see that in a lot of the kids’ music these days.

Are you still rocking the Frank Zappa moustache?
It’s more trimmed than his. It works, I think – kind of a hipster thing. If you go to Brooklyn these days every guy’s got facial hair. For me it’s like, I’m pushing 40, I may as well try something different.

Green Man will be a big jungle of facial hair.
You British have been pioneering it. Nothing says, I’m a bit artsy and a little bit sexy quite like it.

Tickets for this year's event are available from the Festival website thegreenmanfestival.co.uk and from Ticketline UK on 08700 667799.

Adult weekend tickets cost £98 including on-site camping and parking and entry is free for Under 12s. There will be an additional cost for those wishing to bring a live-in vehicle.

If you would like any further information about tickets please email info@thegreenmanfestival.co.uk.

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