The MOJO Honours List 2006 - the UK's annual awards ceremony dedicated to celebrating only the greatest names in modern music - was held today at Shoreditch Town Hall. Brought to you by MOJO Magazine (Britain's monthly music bible), the event featured a number of key award categories which were voted for by the magazine's readers and the users of www.mojo4music.com. Here's the first announcement of who won what...


The MOJO Best New Act
The MOJO Best New Act Award supported by BBC 6 Music. Chosen by MOJO Magazine readers & Mojo4music.com users. Presented to an act who have made a significant impact over the last 18 months.
Presented by Tom Robinson
Winner: Corinne Bailey Rae


MOJO Classic Album
Sponsored by Rhino. Presented by MOJO to an artist responsible for a landmark release in the history of rock’n’roll. Presented by Jason Pierce
Winner: Can - Tago Mago

The MOJO Roots Award
Chosen by MOJO Magazine.
Presented by Richard Hawley
Winner: Dann Penn And Spooner Oldham Buzzcocks_1

The MOJO Inspiration Award
The MOJO Inspiration Award sponsored by EMI Catalogue. Chosen by MOJO Magazine readers & Mojo4music.com users. Presented to an act that has been the catalyst for music fans and fellow musicians alike.
Presented by James Dean Bradfield
Winner: Buzzcocks

The MOJO Les Paul Award
Presented to a visionary performer on the guitar. Only innovators, genii and true legends of the string-driven thing need apply. Sponsored by Gibson.
Presented by Jeff Beck
Winner: Brian May

The MOJO Catalogue Release Of The Year
Cash Sponsored by HMV and presented by MOJO to the reissue that is both definitive and beautifully packaged.
Presented by Nick Cave
Winner: Johnny Cash - Legend (Sony BMG), collected by Roseanne Cash

The MOJO Vision Award
Sponsored by HMV and presented by MOJO to the best music DVD package of the year in recognition of visual innovation and impact.
Winner: The Flaming Lips - The Fearless Freaks: The Life And Times Of An American Invention? (High Coin)

The MOJO Merit Award
Chosen by MOJO Magazine
Presented by Beth Orton & Roy Harper
Winner: Bert Jansch

The MOJO Maverick Award
Chosen by MOJO Magazine
Presented by Bobby Gillespie
Winner: Jesus And Mary Chain

The MOJO Medal sponsored by Ford Transit
Chosen by MOJO Magazine
Presented by Vic Reeves
Winner: Jools Holland

The MOJO Hero
Chosen by MOJO Magazine
Presented by Don Letts
Winner: Prince Buster


The MOJO Songwriter Award
Voted for by MOJO readers and supported by MOJO Radio. Presented to an artist whose career has been defined by their ability to consistently pen classic material.
Presented by Mick Jones
Winner: Chrissie Hynde

Scottwalker_1_65x65 The MOJO Icon Award
Voted for by MOJO readers and Mojo4music users, the recipient of this award has enjoyed a spectacular career on a global scale.
Presented by Phil Alexander
Winner: Scott Walker

The MOJO Hall Of Fame
Presented by MOJO to an act or solo star who is best described as “an artists’ artist”.

Winner: Elton John

Pinkfloyd_1_65x65 The MOJO Lifetime Achievement Award

Presented by Phil Manzanera
Winner: David Gilmour


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Nice one Mojo on voting David Gilmour's Lifetime Achievement Award :)

Howabout making it a bit more prominent on the Mojo pages - the man is a legend and just played 3 of the most amazing nights at the Royal Albert Hall...


Posted by: nickster | 6 Jun 2006 13:55:03

Great news about David Gilmour`s lifetime achievement award, Well deserved!
I do however second Nicksters comments!

Posted by: adrian kavanagh | 6 Jun 2006 23:27:03

Congratulations to David! Well deserved indeed.

I just thought it very odd that David Gilmour receives a 'Life Time Achievement Award' and there’s a tiny jpeg at the bottom of the page to celebrate.

I realise that this is the front webpage and you only have so much space, but one would have thought an award as important as this would have received slightly more publicity here. The man is a guitar legend!

It does look really odd the way its been displayed. No disrespect to Corinne Bailey Rae but look at the size of her publicity to David’s it says it all really.


Posted by: Stuart | 7 Jun 2006 18:18:44

Well, Dave Gilmour fans, we here at MOJO love him just as much - that's why we gave him an award saying how great he was.

However, we're not going to print any more pictures from the event on the web site, because all the lovely exclusive shots (including pictures of Dave!) from the MOJO Honours List will be appearing in the next issue of MOJO magazine, so make sure you don't miss your copy. On sale 5 July.

BUT - if you want to hear the sweet music of David's voice (and I'm sure by the amount of comments printed here, there'll be a fair number of you), download the MOJO Honours List Podcast because he's interviewed on it - you can get it from here:


If you don't download it, you'll make David and Polly cry.

Posted by: MOJO4music Editor | 9 Jun 2006 17:00:58

Can's Tago Mago getting 'Classic Album' award - absolutely brilliant, greatest LP of all time in my view.

Posted by: James Kealy | 10 Jun 2006 22:56:56

Good to see Bert Jansch getting some recogination

Posted by: Michael | 14 Jun 2006 08:02:02