This just in from Tom Petty: "For me it has to be I Want To Hold Your Hand [single, 1963]. The Beatles were hyped to be the best thing ever, but they actually were better than that. Just the *sound of I Want To Hold Your Hand is thrilling. Even today when I listen to it, it doesn't really sound like people singing, it sounds like it could be Martians or something. I was just a kid when it came out. I went and bought the single with that picture of them on the cover in those great collarless suits, and then I immediately set out to get a guitar. I've read that guitar sales boomed after that."


And a late entry from Sufjan Stevens: "Even as a child, I knew Strawberry Fields Forever [single, 1967] was a song of incarnation. John Lennon's sobering voice, pitch-shifted down, Ringo's bombastic beats, George Martin's gregarious string and horn arrangements, the tape-splicing, the mood swings, that weird nautical alarm clock in the third verse, the jam-out, the fade out, the fantastic coda. It was serious and silly all at once. At the time, I took it literally: Yes, of course, let's go down and pick strawberries with the Fab Four. Why not? Years later, in college, my friends cued me to the drug references. But now, I'm not so sure. The multiple variations released on the Anthology albums indicate something much deeper. To me, it's a song about John working it out, shrugging his shoulders, letting it go, returning to an idyllic place from his childhood now lost in memory. In the process he also happened to create one of the most gorgeous psychedelic revelations in pop music."

Now vote for your favourites, to be compiled in a forthcoming Mojo readers' chart...

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MOJO mag's Beatles spectacular polls a galaxy of musicianly talent, and ranks 101 Beatle classics in order of glorious precedence. Enjoy blazing insights from U2, Todd Rundgren, Paul Weller, Ozzy Osbourne, Johnny Marr, Arcade Fire and Paul McCartney. Then vote for your own favourites, by listing your Top 10, in order, in a COMMENT

Here's hobofolk legend Ramblin' Jack Elliott and Antony & The Johnsons' ethereal diva Antony Hegarty with their peculiar reflections on All You Need Is Love, exclusively for


Antony: "I like All You Need is Love. Leigh Bowery used to use that as the soundtrack to his infamous birth piece which was filmed for the drag epic film Wigstock [Said piece involved Leigh expelling his assistant, Nicola, apparently from his bottom - Performance Art Ed]. When he was in hospital dying of AIDS in the autumn of 2004 I was asked to overdub his voice on the footage of his performance because the producers couldn't get clearance to use the track from Michael Jackson or whoever it was that owned the copyright. So there I was trying to fill those massive clogs of Leigh's as he lay in the hospital. I suggested that we change the lyrics to "love is soylent green" to throw off the copyright controllers, but the producers felt that was too risqué, although I am sure Leigh would have loved it, and the final dubious result was the repulsive Love Stands Tall And Free."


Ramblin' Jack Elliott: "I like Let It Be and Norwegian Wood and Yellow Submarine, I'm nuts about that song... I knew Ringo way back. But All You Need Is Love is my favourite Beatles song. It expresses a nice thought, doesn't it? There's a lot of people busying themselves with hating, we're on a suicide trip here, the world needs a lot more love, and I think in some way The Beatles gave it.

"I'm a purist and I was never very open to pop music like Frank Sinatra, I never appreciated him at all. I was more into the Carter Family, Roy Acuff and the blues, things of a Southern dialect, country music. When I first heard The Beatles, which was on TV in England earlier in the '60s, they came on with the funny haircuts and I thought they were amusing, but I still wasn't broad-minded at all about pop. However, I was visiting with a British singer friend of mine called Bob Davenport whose renditions of old sailing and fishing songs I admired and he loved them right from the start so...

"In fact, in 1967, when All You Need Is Love came out, The Beatles provided a musical background to a sad time in my life. I was going through a divorce [from first wife June, a not uncolourful character who'd been James Dean's girlfriend and later worked as an assistant to The Rolling Stones - Ed]. We both loved that music and even now it reminds me of when when I was separating from my wife and my first daughter, Maggie, who was only six months old then, and I get a melancholy feeling."

Ramblin' Jack Elliott's latest album, I Stand Alone, is released on June 20.

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The Green Man Festival will return for its fourth year in August 2006. Taking place in a fantastic new venue, the Glanusk Park Estate in the Brecon Beacons National Park, the festival will run over 18, 19 and 20 August. Confirmed names include Donovan, Jose Gonzalez, Calexico, Silver Jews and Martha Wainwright.

MOJO will also be at the Green Man Festival – not only will MOJO be holding a live interview with a major Green Man star, conducted by a MOJO scribe, but we’ll be holding a very special promotion on Sunday 20 August. Rad on to find out more, plus how to win Green Man tickets...


MOJO’s Ice Cream Sunday

will be between 12 and 2pm at the Shepherd's Ice Cream stand. Anyone that turns up will be able to blag a free copy of MOJO and a free ice cream supplied by MOJO’s ice cream purveyor of choice,

And that’s not all. has 5 pairs of tickets to give away in a special competition. The prize includes camping passes, but we’re afraid you have to make your own way to and from the festival. Oh, and take your own tent.

For a chance of winning a pair, email with your full name, address and email address by 30 June. The first five names picked at random will each win a pair of tickets! For full terms and conditions, email the above address.

More info on the festival:

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The nominations were announced today for the MOJO Honours List 2006 - the UK's annual awards ceremony dedicated to celebrating only the greatest names in modern music. Brought to you by MOJO Magazine (Britain's monthly music bible), the event features a number of key award categories which were voted for by the magazine's readers and the users of

Plus, it's your last chance to vote for the MOJO Honours List 2006...

Following the cinematic success of 'Walk The Line' and the highly anticipated release of his posthumous American V album, Johnny Cash has received three nominations, underlining his role as one of music's seminal voices and his ongoing influence two years on from his death. Cash is nominated for The MOJO Inspiration Award, The MOJO Icon Award and The MOJO Catalogue Release of the Year. In The MOJO Icon category, he's up against second time nominee David Bowie as well as Neil Young, Van Morrison and Scott Walker, while Sparks, Buzzcocks, Paul Weller and The Fall are set to battle it out with the man in black for The MOJO Inspiration Award.

For the second year running, Kate Bush has received a nomination for The MOJO Songwriter Award. She will compete with Richard Hawley, Joe Strummer, The Pretenders' Chrissie Hynde and Nick Cave for the honour of being recognised as an artist whose career has been defined by their ability to pen exceptional material on a consistent basis.

Amongst the exclusive performances at this year's launch event at HMV, Oxford St, London, were The MOJO Best New Act Award nominees Guillemots and The Archie Bronson Outfit who will tough it out in this hotly contested category with Corinne Bailey Rae, Teddy Thompson, The Raconteurs and Malian world music revelations Amadou And Mariam.

In The MOJO Catalogue Release of the Year category, Johnny Cash - The Legend (Sony/BMG's deluxe five CD and one DVD set) is nominated alongside Talking Heads - Remastered Catalogue (an honour shared between EMI and Warners), Orange Juice - The Glasgow School (on Domino), Anthems In Edens (Sanctuary's four CD box set), Strangely Strange But Oddly Normal: An Island Anthology (Universal) and Jeff Wayne's War Of The Worlds Remastered (Sony/BMG). The Award is presented to the reissue that have, in MOJO's opinion, rekindled interest in music that has stood the test of time.

The MOJO Vision Award, presented to the best music DVD package of the year in recognition of sales, creativity and visual flare, includes nominations for Kraftwerk - Minimum-Maximum, Bob Dylan - No Direction Home, RAMONES: The Story of the Ramones, The Mayor of Sunset Strip, The Flaming Lips - The Fearless Freaks: The Life And Times Of An American Invention? and Dig!.

The MOJO Honours List 2006 once again concentrates on rewarding those who have made career-long contributions to popular music. Says MOJO's Editor-in-Chief Phil Alexander "The mix within the nominees for the MOJO Honours List 2006 is unique. It is not about the biggest names or the hottest acts that will be forgotten within a year. It is about artists that have stayed or will stay the course. The event was created to recognise those artists that have enriched our rich musical culture and that's what it continues to do. The guest list for this year's event is simply mind-boggling."

Other MOJO Honours List Awards to be presented at the star studded ceremony on 5th June at Shoreditch Town Hall, London include The MOJO Classic Album Award, The MOJO Roots Award, The MOJO Hero, The MOJO Lifetime Achievement Award, The MOJO Merit, The MOJO Hall of Fame, The MOJO Les Paul Award, The MOJO Medal and The MOJO Maverick.

For your last chance to vote for the MOJO Honours List 2006, click here

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Here’s a freebie for you – MOJO4music, in association with LiveGigsOnline, is offering a FREE stream of Shack’s show at Liverpool’s Carling Academy on 12 May. The Scouse quartet have been touring their new album, The Corner Of Miles And Gil, which is their first for showbiz mate Noel Gallagher’s Sour Mash label.

Songwriting brothers Mick and John Head started their career as The Pale Fountains, but they became Shack in 1988, they’ve been peddling a delicious blend of psych-tinged folk pop. To watch the webcast, click on the link below.


The Corner Of Miles And Gil by Shack is out now on Sour Mash. For more info, see

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HOW TO BUY... QUEEN!16 May 2006


With a voice as big as the old Wembley Stadium and a genuine Professor of Astronomy on a guitar made from a fireplace, there was only one Queen. This month's How To Buy question is: what are the best albums by Queen?

Once you're past the numerous Greatest Hitses and A Night At The Opera, where do you go? Are you a fan of hippy faerie-loving Queen, or the stadium-straddling moved of The Works? Or would you chance your pennies on the much-unloved Disco Queen of Hot Space?

MOJO needs to know. Leave your comments here and they could appear in a forthcoming issue of MOJO magazine. And tell us why you've made your selection. Give it to me one more time!

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Classic 80's Weekend - Mojo Radio9 May 2006


This Weekend (13th-14th May) Mojo remembers the 80's. Listen out across Saturday and Sunday between 9 and 5pm for your favourite 80's tracks from the Mojo Archives. If you've got a track you'd like us to play email us at

Mojo Radio is available on Freeview Channel 721, Sky Channel 0182 or online via the Mojo RadioPlayer

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Mojo Rocks Friday 5th May 2006

Hour 1:

The Cult - Rain
The Raconteurs - Steady As She Goes
747's - Night & Day
Archie Bronson Outfit - Dead Funny
NoFX - The Marxist Brothers
Siousie And The Banshees - Happy House
The Buzzcocks - Boredom

The Album Of The Week
Wolfmother - Wolfmother
White Unicorn

Monster Magnet - Space Lord Edit
Pink Floyd - Astronomy Domine
Tool - Wings For Marie (Part 1)
Tool - 10,000 Days (Wings Part 2)
Van Halen - Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love

Hour 2:

Priestess - Living Like A Dog

Album Of The Week
Wolfmother - Wolfmother
Mind's Eye
Where Eagles Have Been

Lemmy & Headgirl - Please Don't Touch
Lemmy - Iron Horse/Born To Loose
Lemmy & Sam Gopal - Escalator
The Fall - There's A Ghost In My House
The Kills - Love Is A Deserter
Bruce Springsteen - Jesse James
Frank Black - Dirty Old Town
Scott Walker - Cossacks Are
Scott Walker - A Lover Loves
The Who - Baba O'Riley

Mojo Rocks with Phil Alexander every Friday night at 9pm on Mojo Radio
Mojo Radio is available on Freeview Channel 721, Sky Channel 0182 and online via the
Mojo RadioPlayer

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The Mojo Filter Saturday 6th May 2006

We're An American band - Grand Funk Railroad 
Violence Grows - Fatal Microbes    
The Devil Lives In My Husband's Body - Pulsallama
Give Me Back My Man - B52s    
Fish - Throwing Muses    
Instrumental - Arthur Russell    
Full MooN - Eden Abhez    
Nature's Way - Spirit    
Hey! Somebody - Ghosty 
That old Black Magic - Dr John    
Mollena - James Hunter   
Williamsburg Will Oldham Horror - Jeffrey And Jack Lewis
Daniel - Tortoise and Bonnie Prince
Morning Brings The Light - Grand Union
Corn Riggs - Marred And Joff    
Grand Job - The Rakes

The Mojo Filter with Dave Henderson is on Mojo Radio every Saturday and Sunday Evening at 8pm.
Mojo Radio is available on Freeview Channel 721, Sky Channel 0182 and online via the
Mojo RadioPlayer

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An airy living room in west London and a tall, rangy American dude in denim and a baseball cap. Scott Walker likes to keep it low-key. By Ian Harrison.

The run up to meeting one of pop's most profoundly cult figures was a mixture of apprehension (legend has it that he's super-weird, and hates being interviewed) and the uncool, babbling excitement of the fan. Mild panic set in when the well-preserved but nervy Scott seemed disinclined to say much. But before long, he was talking about new album The Drift - where he sobs haikus of annihilation to a godless, hostile universe - and laughing about it. "I don't choose over-arty people to work with," he said in a voice lighter than you'd expect, eyes twinkling from beneath his baseball cap. "I've got enough of that myself..."

Throughout the interview he moved very little, got jumpy when talk turned to the flu bug that was going round, pronounced months "murnths" and bumps "burmps", clapped for emphasis and adeptly parried any enquiries he found unwelcome. There was the odd flash of annoyance - he categorically did not remember anything whatsoever about 1970's 'Til The Band Comes In album, but admits that yes, godspeedyoublackemperor! did once ask him to sing on one of their records. He also gave the impression that he could not see his '60s career as being the remarkable achievement everyone else thinks it is, and apologised more than once for being such a poor interviewee. He wasn't.

Read the full interview in this month's Mojo - on sale from May 3.

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