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The Futureheads' Barry Hyde tells the tale behind their showstopping Kate Bush cover.

"My parents had Kate Bush's video collection, The Whole Story, which I loved watching as a child. The one for Hounds Of Love is quite scary but also very romantic. Kate and her lover are chased by these men in suits who look like they want to arrest them.

In July 2001, The Futureheads went on a squat tour around Germany, Holland and Switzerland. Our bassist Jaff had made a compilation which featured Hounds Of Love. We were travelling with another band, Milky Wimpshake, and I overheard them saying they were going to cover it. We figured we could do a better version. We knew it'd be easy because the song has a lot of momentum. It's like a locomotive train, just building and building.

We did a quick arrangement as soon as we got back and started playing it at every gig. I had to change the key because the original is so high, but Kate's version doesn't have any chords per se. It's more of a drone, just two notes at a time. So we worked out these very obvious chords that might be there. We needed something repetitive at the beginning, to create this forward-moving dynamic. So it starts with one voice, very quickly goes to two, then three, and then I come in. Underneath the first verse you've got this staccato a capella refrain that stamps our personality on it. The hardest thing was getting the phrasing right. Her lyrics are so odd!

Kate Bush is all about bravery. She has complete control of her imagination and she's not really bothered about commercial success. She just happened to write a few canny massive tunes."

As told to Manish Agarwal

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